Wallet Waterproof Ethic Embroidery 民族绣防水钱包


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Name: Waterproof Ethic Embroidery Wallet (Handmade Miao, Yao embroidery) 品名:民族绣防水钱包(手工苗绣、哈尼绣)

Size: 8.6 inch * 5.1 inch 规格:22cm*13cm

Material: waterproof cloth (cover material) 用料:防水布(包料)



Miao embroidery is often described as a poetic historical record dressing the body.  JinPing Miao embroiderers use colorful threads on either black or white linen or cotton for their work. Geometric patterns represent mountains, rivers, flowers, fish or dragons.

A typical work of Miao embroidery from weaving the fabric, making the design, to the final product is the result of a long process combining individual patterns to form a single story. Making traditional embroidery is a complex time-consuming job. With the emergence of machine-made embroidery in the market place, the technique of traditional embroidery is slowly being forgotten. Your appreciation and generous support of the Miao embroiders will help preserve the art form that represents an integral part of the Miao culture.(full video can be found in the About section).

Additional information


Red, Multi-color


8.6 inch * 5.1 inch 规格:22cm*13cm


Waterproof resistant cloth (cover material)



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