About Us


From its inception, our mission has been to source sustainable production and encourage trade in the remote area where the minority group Miao people live in Jinping (the read pin in the map below), located in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecturean autonomous prefecture, Yunnan province, southwestern part of China by mixing our creative vision with the richness and positivity of this thousand-year-old tradition and diverse culture of Miao Embroidery. It is important for us to use fashion to create new opportunities, reimagine trade, train new generations and help preserve this fading tradition.


Miao Embroidery
While embroidery has a long tradition in China, the origins of Miao embroidery are shrouded by history. The first written record of the ancestors of the Miao is in the Book of Han, which suggests that Miao embroidery was being produced as early as the Warring States Period. The Miao do not have their own written language, and their embroidery itself takes on the role of documenting their history and culture. Miao embroidery motifs handed down from generation to generation not only reflect the world view, values and aesthetics of the Miao, they also illustrate their history and religion and the social changes they have undergone over the centuries. This makes embroidery an extraordinary medium for expressing and preserving Miao culture.


Social Impact
Our ready to wear and accessory collections are designed and handcrafted by hundreds of the Miao women whose only source of income is based on this handcraft. The patterns and designs of the Miao embroidery is the only physical recording of this ancient culture and tradition. While these vivid and sometimes whimsical patterns bring to your wardrobe and daily life much color and joy, you are also supporting the preservation of a thousand-year-old tradition that is on the verge of extinction due to the modernization and industrialization. By supporting these Miao women financially, you are also empowering them to have a stronger voice in the community that they live in.



The Woman Behind This Mission

Led and founded by Huiqiong Huang (right), a Miao ethnic woman from Jinping County, Southwestern China where a large concentration of Miao people live. Since her first endeavor in 2012 to commercialize the Miao handcraft fashions that was once just part of Miao’s daily necessity, she has provided career opportunities to over 350 Miao women from over a dozen villages/tribes in the remote area of Jinping County. Her company Jinping Rainbow Handicraft Corporation has promoted various kinds of Miao traditions including indigo dye, tie-dye, Miao silver-making, etc. For most of the Miao women, this is their only financial source and this opportunity has empowered and encouraged the Miao people to be proud of and to carry on their tradition of Miao Embroidery.

(Below is a video about Huang Huiqiong and her fellow Miao ethnic women)

Miao community